Doola Nashville Services
Mommy To Be's Doula (Birth Labor Support) Services are for Nashville area pregnant women who would like additional assistance throughout the labor process. As your doula, I am your care provider throughout your childbirth process and provide various forms of non-medical support (physical, emotional and informed choice) all intended to aid in your ultimate comfort during this most stressful time.

What is a Doula?
Doula is a Greek word that identifies a woman who assists childbirth by providing physical comfort, emotional support, and information before and during childbirth.

What is a Massage Doula?
Massage Doula is a certified massage therapist who is also certified as a labor doula. She can perform massage therapy during the pregnancy, doula support during childbirth, and postpartum massage after the baby is born. She is often also certified infant massage therapist/instructor and can teach new parents how to massage their babies.

What are the benefits of Labor/Birth Support?
* Shortens Labor:
            Length of Labor, study #1: No doula, 19 hours, doula 9 hours
            Length of Labor, study #2: No doula, 15.5 hours, doula 7.7 hours
            Length of Labor, study #3: No doula, 9.4 hours, doula 7.4 hours

* Increases your odds of a natural birth from 12% with no doula, to 55% with a doula

* Reduces requests for epidurals from 55% with no doula, to 8% with a doula

* Reduces the need to use oxytocin from 44% with no doula, to 17% with a doula

* Reduces the need of forceps from 26% with no doula, to 8% with a doula

* Reduces the need for Cesarean sections from 18% with no doula, to 8% with a doula    

* At six weeks of age, babies with feeding problems are 63% with no doula, and only 16% with a doula

* Babies with colds or runny noses was 69% with no doula, to 39% with a doula.

* New mothers rate their marriages as better after birth only 30% with no doula, and 71% with a doula.

* Mothers felt bonded much more quickly, could take their babies home sooner, and had fewer maternal fevers when supported by a doula.

Statistic source: Mothering the Mother, M. Klaus, M.D., J. Kennell, M.D., P. Klaus.
                          (Second edition of this book is called The Doula Book)

***For Doula fees and any additional questions you may have please contact Tearnia Caruthers, Certified Massage Doula at (615) 506-3185***