Infant Massages are are wonderful way for mommy and baby to connect with each other. Touch is one of the first senses that babies develop and the soothing touch of an infant massage is a therapeutic experience for your newborn. Infant massage services include both instructional classes where mommy to taught the techniques to perform the massage on the newborn, as well as infant massages that are performed directly by me with your newborn.

In addition, to the calming nature of an infant massage, other benefits have been proven. The Touch Research Institute in Florida has conducted extensive scientific research into the impact if infant massage in a variety of conditions, including premature births, cocaine-exposed infants, HIV babies, colicky infants, pediatric cancer, neglected and abused children, autism, posttraumatic stress, asthma, diabetes, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. In every study, measurable improvement was documented, in areas such as weight again, decrease of fussiness, improvement in sleeping patterns, normalization of brain chemical levels, decrease anxiety, decrease in depression, and, improved motor behaviors and muscle tones.

Mommy To Be services the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area with Infant Massage services.


Infant Massage Benefits  
To The Parent:
* Improves relation, reduces stress
* Promotes parenting skills
* Provides quality bonding time
* Increases “communication” between baby and parent
* Allows parent to better read babies’ cries
* Make for a calmer, happier baby
To The Baby:  

* Increase sense of being loved and accepted
* Improves body awareness
* Releases stress
* Stimulates circulation
* Strengthens digestive, circulatory, and intestinal systems

* Reduces discomfort from colic, gas, constipation
* Improves muscle tone
* Stimulates right/left brain development and coordination

Pea in the Pod Massage Services

* Pea in the Pod * Infant Massage

A gentle massage used to promote circulation, improve muscle tone, and sleeping patterns. This massage also stimulates brain development and coordination while improving body awareness.

30 minute....$30.00
60 minute....$60.00
**** Infant Massage Classes Coming Soon****